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Compassion Fatigue Training

Compassion fatigue can be defined as a state of tension or distress from the nurse-patient relationship resulting from the emotional reaction to the knowledge of another’s traumatic experience.  The nurse has emotional triggers as a result of the patient’s experience or trauma.  Risk factors can include the culture of the organization, workplace environment, poor collaboration, and lack of support system either at home, work, or both (Sabo, 2008).  

This course utilizes evidence-based practice tools to inform health care provider on the body's reaction to stress and tools to help thrive in the health care environment.

Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching assists health care providers in creating healthy work/life balance and resilience.  Health care environments can be toxic and draining; wellness coaching moves the provider from a state of victimization to self-control and positivity.


Mindfulness and Vicarious Trauma

Vicarious trauma occurs when the nurse takes the experience of the patient and/or family, internalizes the empathy and transforms it into a process similar to post-traumatic stress disorder.  This advancement of distress is caused by the repeated and cumulative effect of witnessed stress and trauma.  Nurses by their very nature are prime candidates to become victim to vicarious trauma. 

Training specific to mindfulness and the benefits in healthcare.  Incorporating skills useful in the day to day of nursing and other healthcare areas, mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress and promote resilience. 

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